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We are always trying to offer our customers only the best quality hashish. We guarantee this through regular testing. You have the opportunity to order high quality hash with a high THC content at low prices online. All offered products contain a lot of THC and are produced in a highly professional way. We would like to point out once again that our hash contains real THC. It is very suitable for smoking and has an excellent taste. Our detailed hashish descriptions can help you to order the best hash. You can also read about the THC content, the exact method of cultivation and the exact gram content. However, if you have any questions, please feel free tocontact us via our contact form . Our support team will be happy to help you.

What is hash?

Hash or hashish is obtained from the female flowers of the cannabis plant. The processing from the weed flower to the pollen to the processed hashish, differ depending on the region or culture. Moroccans separate the fine pollen with different sieves. The resulting THC dust, i.e. the loosely sieved pollen, is then pressed into hash. A lightly pressed hash could then be called pollen in the broadest sense. The Dutch, on the other hand, use the so-called "Ice-O-Later" process. In this process, the weed flowers are separated from the important resins by sieving in ice water. This process allows for a much higher degree of efficiency. Hashish is usually also obtained by normal sieving and processed like traditional hashish. The only difference here is that the THC content is always very high. With us you can also buy high quality hash online. Our large selection of different hashish varieties, leaves nothing to be desired and the fast delivery of 1 to 3 business days, brings you the brown delicious gold without detours directly to your home on the couch. The THC value of our offered products is of course over 20%. To ensure that you can only order hashish online, we regularly test and control the quality of our hash products.

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In our online store you can buy high quality hash at low prices. Handpicked and freshly packed, we ship within Europe and search daily for the newest and best hash products to continuously expand our hash assortment. Our years of experience and expertise are crucial to the selection of hash in our online store. With us you can order the best hash online! Our hashish, as well as all our other drugs like cocaine are regularly controlled and are free of extenders or additives. The THC value of our products is consistently above 20%. If you want to order from us, you will quickly notice that we offer fair prices and a wide selection of hashish .For this reason, you will find diverse varieties and different quantity directly in our store. Order not only hashish but also weed online here!

Zero Zero hash 1g
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Zero Zero hash is a premium cannabis extraction known for its exceptional purity and quality. With a THC content of 0%, this hash offers a relaxing and calming effect without any psychoactive effects. It is therefore perfect for people who want to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without getting high. Zero Zero hash is easy to use and provides a pleasant feeling of relaxation and well-being. Dive into the world of Zero Zero hash and experience the positive effects without compromise.
Super Polm Hash 1g
Tax excluded
Super Polm Hash is a high-quality hashish variety with a particularly high concentration of THC. Thanks to its intense aroma and soft consistency, it is easy to process. The effect of Super Polm Hash is strong and long-lasting, with a relaxing and euphoric component. It can be used for both medicinal and recreational purposes, providing a pleasant relaxation and stress relief. With its excellent quality and impressive taste, Super Polm Hash is a favorite among connoisseurs.
Green Turk hash 1g
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The article \"Green Turk Hash\" describes a high-quality and unique cannabis strain from Turkey. This strain is characterized by its vibrant green color and intense flavor. Green Turk Hash is known for its pleasant effect that induces a relaxing and at the same time invigorating feeling. This variety is ideal for connoisseurs who want to unwind and recharge their batteries after a stressful day. The article provides factual information about the positive properties and the effect of this particular variety.
Capt`n Kush Moroccan Hash 1kg
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Capt`n Kush Moroccan Hashish 1kg is a high quality product that meets the demanding needs of customers. The hashish is produced in Morocco and is characterized by its unique quality. It consists of the best cannabis flowers and is traditionally processed by hand.The hashish has an intense aroma and a mild taste that offers lovers an incomparable experience. It has a pleasant consistency and is easy to portion. The 1kg package provides a sufficient amount for personal use or sale.Capt`n Kush Moroccan Hash 1kg is ideal for enjoyment at home or on the go. It is a high quality product that is known for its quality and purity. With this hashish customers can enjoy an authentic and unique experience.