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According to experts, the online market for crystal meth is currently undergoing a fundamental change. While the substance available in Bavaria in the past years mainly came from the Czech Republic, drugs from the Internet now dominate the market. in 2015, there had been almost daily apprehensions of smugglers at the Bavarian border with the Czech Republic, who had smuggled one to two grams of crystal meth from the Czech Republic to Germany for their own use. The customers had bizarre hiding places for the crystal meth you bought. But those days are over. Now you can easily buy crystal meth online. In our store for drugs you will find a selection of different types of crystal meth. The crystal meth that you can order here is constantly tested for its quality. Here you can buy only the best products.


Methamphetamine is a drug that is produced from the active ingredient ephedrine. It is also found in small doses in cold remedies. The drug is one of the amphetamines, just like speed, and is sold in our online store in the form of small to medium-sized crystals. The meth crystals can be snorted directly after ordering.


Crystal meth has been a classic party drug for a long time. Especially customers with strong professional stress also order our methamphetamine - from shift workers, to managers. Many users take the drug to stay fit at work.


Crytal meth is a psychoactive drug that can be ordered online here. It has attention-, concentration- and performance-enhancing effects, which makes it attractive to many people. Tiredness and hunger fade into the background for a certain time, as well as the sensation of pain and fear. Strong feelings of happiness and euphoria increase. These sensations are triggered because the ephedrine contained in crystal meth docks onto the nerve cells in the brain and increases the release of "happiness hormones".

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Crystal meth is a synthetically produced drug that is becoming increasingly popular due to its stimulating properties. The crystalline substance provides an intense feeling of energy and increases concentration and stamina. Due to the release of dopamine in the brain, a euphoric state is achieved, which leads to increased motivation and self-confidence. In addition, appetite is suppressed, which can lead to weight loss. The duration of effect of crystal meth is long-lasting, which allows for a long-lasting increase in performance.